Christmas quiz 2021 questions and answers: The best trivia on Xmas movies, music, general knowledge and more

2021-12-25 01:37:47 By : Mr. Mike Lee

Speaking the answers to these questions aloud (in order) might help you.

The following strange combination of words are all anagrams of artists who achieved a UK Top 40 Christmas No 1.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me; a symbol of Kurdish nationalism in a pear tree. But which of the following is the Latin name for the red-legged partridge? A) Pyrus communis B) Alectoris rufa C) Perdix perdix D) Homo habilis

Speaking of Latin binomials, the boa constrictor is the only animal commonly known in English by its Latin name. But which country hosts the only cash machine which can speak to you in Latin? A) Colombia B) Vatican City C) Iceland D) Monaco

Speaking of cash, how much of it is estimated to have been eaten by Britain’s pets since 2003? A) £3.46 B) £30,000 C) £1.5m D) £80m

Speaking of pets, the idea of “passports” for pets in the UK was official policy of the Monster Raving Loony Party in which year? A) 1983 B) 2006 C) 1947 D) 1990

Speaking of monsters, the shirime is a Japanese supernatural entity with an eye in place of its what? A) Toenail B) Anus C) Mouth D) Navel

Speaking of eyes, how many does a bee have? A) None B) Two C) Five D) More than 50

Speaking of bees, which company’s tins have an image of bees spontaneously birthing from a dead lion’s body, though to be the oldest continuous branding in existence? A) Marmite B) Lyle’s Golden Syrup C) Fiat D) ExxonMobil

Speaking of brands, in 1967 a brand of what was elected mayor of Picoaza, Ecuador? A) Motorbike B) Foot deodorant C) Toilet paper D) Office shredder

Speaking of Ecuador, Mount Chimborazo has what unique attribute? A) It is the only home of the world’s smallest frog B) It is the most triangular mountain on Earth. C) Its peak is the point furthest from the Earth’s centre. D) It is the only mountain named after a dessert.

Speaking of altitude, on the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 12 lords a’leaping. But which of these is the real name of a “time lord” – the people in charge of adding “leap seconds” to the calendar (when the Earth is out of sync with atomic clocks)? A) Peter Whibberley B) Jeremy Woebley C) Tim E Wymie D) Christine Ecclestone

Match the Christmas treats to their ingredient list, according to a certain well-known supermarket brand’s website*

1) The World Is Not Enough 2) Canada 3) Buddhism 4) Aeroplane 5) Scarab 6) Japan 7) Victoria 8) Lloyd 9) Michael Jordan 10) Cycling

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