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2021-12-25 01:38:42 By : Ms. Monica Cui

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Auxiliary plastics processing equipment supplier Conair introduced today a line of downstream equipment and tooling suited for extruding plastic pipe in diameters up to 24.9 in. (630 mm). The PipeMaster line was unveiled during a virtual press conference presenting innovations Conair had planned to showcase at the cancelled NPE2021 event.

Until now, Conair’s processing equipment was limited to pipe sizes measuring eight inches (200 mm) in diameter or smaller. That needed an upgrade. “We understand that extruded pipe processors compete in a very robust and cost-conscious market and can choose equipment from all over the world, with various levels of quality and price points,” said Ernie Preiato, Vice President, Extrusion, in a prepared statement.

At the press conference, Preiato itemized the priorities of downstream extrusion products based on conversations that Conair had with plastics processors. They were:

“There is some good equipment on the market that meets some — but not all — of those requirements,” said Preiato. “We feel we have met them all.”

"The line — spray tanks, puller/haul-off units, saw cutters, and drop-off tables — combines very rugged construction with simple, but well-engineered controls,” explained Preiato. “It is complemented by an extensive range of the extruder tooling, including pipe dies and calibration sleeves, that most processors need but often have difficulty finding or building at a competitive price. And, the entire PipeMaster line is backed by Conair’s factory service and support.”

In its press release, Conair detailed the features of the PipeMaster line, as follows:

Conair said that it is building a new 6-in. plastic pipe extrusion line at its lab and pilot plant in Pinconning, MI. It plans a live demo of the line in early June and during a customer open house later this year.

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