PE EVA foam, EVA foam board, professional EVA/PE foam manufacturer

PE foam, EVA foam:Large Size shockproof EVA foam sheetColor: Black, Yellow, Silvery gray, Bule, etc.Density: 15 Kg/ m3to 144 Kg/m3.Hardness: 10 to 70 AskerC.Size: 1500X2500X110 mm , or as required.Feature:Light weight,good elasticityWeatherproof and waterproofFlame retardantSound absorptionHeat isolationElastic and flexibilityCo

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PE foam, EVA foam:
Large Size shockproof EVA foam sheet
  1. Color: Black, Yellow, Silvery gray, Bule, etc.
  2. Density: 15 Kg/ m3
    to 144 Kg/m3.
  3. Hardness: 10 to 70 AskerC.
  4. Size: 1500X2500X110 mm , or as required.
  • Light weight,good elasticity
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Flame retardant
  • Sound absorption
  • Heat isolation
  • Elastic and flexibility
  • Conductive
17T60 Kg/M342 C type48"X96"4"
20T48 Kg/M330 C type48"X96"4"
30T40 Kg/M322 C type48"X96"4"
40T20 Kg/M315 C type48"X96"4"

PE EVA Foam, EVA Foam Sheet, Professional EVA/PE Foam Manufacture
PE EVA Foam, EVA Foam Sheet, Professional EVA/PE Foam Manufacture


Q: Do you manufacture your own foam?

A: Yes, we do manufacture the foam using our own presses and molds. We have various sizes molds.

Q: Why your price labeled so cheap?

A: We manufacture the foam buns our self, and export directly, no extra fees added.

Q: What is your lead time?

A: Ninety percent of all our orders can be loaded in 7 days.

Q: How much can you fit on a 40 HQ container?

A: Approximately 205 buns of 4" x 48" x 96"

Q: What is your minimum order?

A: We do not have a minimum order. However, small qty will be waste for the shipping costs.

Q:What are acceptable forms of payment?

A: We accept wire transfers, TT paymentPaypal, Western Union, LC etc.

Q: What densities are available?

A: We stock 1.5lb to 15lb densities.

Q: What colors are available?

A: Charcoal; Light Charcoal; Grey; Mint Green; Blue; White; Yellow; Red; Lavender; Lime Green; and Natural.

Q:Does your material come with skins?

A: Generally no, although some materials are available with skins upon request.

Q: What can be used to cut your foam?

A: Most tools that can be used to cut wood can also be used to cut our foam. These include table saws, band-saws, table routing, water-jet, etc.

Q: What is the working temperature of the foam?

A:Maximum continuous operating temperature of our foam is between -110°F to 180°F (-79°C to 82°C)

Q: What is the shelf life of the foam?

A: Crosslinked polyethylene foam does not have a shelf life.

Q: Does the foam float?

A: Yes, it does; XLPE is a water resistant foam.

Q: What are the differences between EVA and XLPE?

A: EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate. Our XLPE and EVA foam products are similar materials and are difficult to distinguish. 

The primary differences are that EVA is softer, more resilient, and has stronger recovery after compression. Whereas polyethylene foams are firmer and more resistant to heat. 

Both of them provide excellent protection and shock absorption for packaging applications.

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PE EVA Foam, EVA Foam Sheet, Professional EVA/PE Foam Manufacture

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