"We've caused quite a stir and are building a reputation for measurable success."

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One of the highlights this year for machine company GP Graders has been the pilot of the Mutiview camera at a tomato grower in Bundaberg, Australia.  "Bundaberg is definitely one of the highlights from GP Graders in 2021. We've had fantastic results with huge volumes of cherry and mini-roma tomatoes and have had the opportunity to conduct extensive testing of some new technology we're working on," said Stuart Payne, Director at GP Graders. "The client is really happy with the results also, with an additional 6 lane machine due for installation in early 2022."

There has been a great take up for the MultiView particularly in Chile where GP Graders now has 5 machines up and running with the MultiView camera system. It is also running on a number of cherry tomato machines, a huge stone fruit machine in Victoria, Australia and on a cherry machine in the US.

"At this stage, we've focused all our attention on achieving great results on cherries, small tomatoes, plum, peaches and nectarines but support for grapes is in the pipeline." "The support for gpVision has been fantastic and over the last couple of years, interest has continually grown. To have a proprietary system that's perfectly paired with our machinery has ensured better grading can be achieved. With hundreds of lanes already converted to gpVision and 200+ scheduled for 2022, we've caused quite a stir and are building a reputation for measurable success."

European partnership In 2020 GP Graders formed a partnership with Milbor, based out of Warsaw. "They have exactly the right approach which is very service and support orientated. They warehouse our parts in Europe for same day shipping and provide local technical support. The relationship with Milbor thus far has been brilliant. They're a pro-active, exciting company to be partnered with and we were extremely proud to ship a stunning 8L Sanitary Style Blueberry Grader to Poland in November of this year. Another 8L Blueberry Grader has just been ordered, further strengthening GP Graders' position as a blueberry grading leader."

Most people have been affected by the global shipping issues this year and GP Graders di d not escape these challenges.

"We have seen inflated costs, delays and cancellations, we've faced the same freight challenges as almost any company dealing with international trade. Fortunately, we have good relationships with our shipping partners and suppliers and have avoided any catastrophic issues but it's definitely brought about additional anxiety for the business."

What is in store for 2022? "In 2022 we will continue to develop gpVision functionality with support for new fruit varieties planned. We will also continued to focus on our traceability solution and improved integration in to gpVision. Our clients can expect new releases and further rollout of our new user-friendly interface. It's all about the tech in 2022!." For more information: Stuart Payne GP Graders Tel: +61 3 9585 9444 Email: info@gpgraders.com      www.gpgraders.com     

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